Re: How big should I make my stack

Started by Richard Duits November 29, 2007
If you use Keil with the RealView compiler than you can lookup how much
stack a function uses in one of the output files. If you lookup the
stack usage of the main function you know how much stack you app needs.
I don't know exactly which file because I'm home now and I don't have
the Keil MDK installed at home.

karelvergauwe wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a RTOS system with multiple tasts, but the size of these stacks
> is very different. How can I know how big I should make the stack for
> it? Is it only depending on local variables inside these processes? Or
> should I also look after the global variables wich I use/change inside
> my process?
> So if someone knows how I can calculate the size, please let me know
> thx

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