Re: So, How do PPL like IAR 5.1 ??

Started by " Info" January 13, 2008
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> Subject: [lpc2000] So, How do PPL like IAR 5.1 ??
> So, I have IAR 5.1 but my projects are still being copiled with EWARM
> 4.42a
> Now that 5.1 has been out for a while, is it great enough that I
> should change all or some of my existing projects over to this new
> wonderful system ?
> I know it takes some doing and getting used to, but also has some
> advantages, but how much better is 5.1 ?
> Thanks and merry new year, if it's not too late.
> boB

I held back from upgrading for a while as the first 5.x versions did not
support the Cortex M3 and I didn't want two versions on my PC at the same
time. Now V5.11 supports the M3 I have started porting the projects across.

Compiling the projects was fairly painless. The CStartup and linker script
formats have changed, but copying both from the IAR examples directory
proved a very quick way of making the conversion.

I made some notes here: but some of
the instructions are specific to users.

My only problem thus far is that I cannot get the J-Link to function
correctly. Running off the J-Link is painfully slow, like the PLL has not
been configured, or as if there is constant comms between the CPU and
J-Link. Pulling the J-Link out during execution causes the CPU to jump to
run at full speed leading me to believe that the CPU initialisation is
indeed correct. I'm still waiting to hear back on this one, but suspect it
is something that I have/have not done in the conversion.


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