LPC23XX uTasker project release

Started by Mark Butcher January 19, 2008
Hi All

Here's a quick note to inform you of the availability of a new uTasker
package for the LPC23XX (including LPC2101..LPC2106 sub-set support).

It is available for immediate use by anyone interested in these NXP
devices. It includes the unique uTasker simulator for the LPC23XX and
projects for IAR, Rowley Crossworks GNU and also a standalone GNU
build which is suitable for the Yagarto package using Eclipse.

A new tutorial is ready at

Beta testers are very welcome. Just fill out the registration form on
the uTasker web site (mention which package you are already using if
you are already registered) and I will get it to you.

You can see the project on line on an MCB2300 at It
includes various new features such as dynamic content generation - see
"Multiplication demo". The 35 page tutorial gives details and detailed
comparisons between code sizes with IAR and GNU projects.

Note that the uTasker project is completely open source and free for
non-commercial use - it is fully documented and supported on the
uTasker web site and its forum.

Best regards

Mark Butcher

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