Started by Ravi February 12, 2008
Hi Paul,
My question is how to use single edge/double edge controlled feature
of PWM modulator to generate PWM?

On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 Paul Curtis wrote :
> > Dear all,
> > Processor:LPC2148
> > IDE:WinARM
> > Can any one please explain me how to generate PWM
> > with sinewave and trangular wave.
> > Do I need to make sinewave lookup table.
> > It has been told me to set sinewave freq for 1 khz
> > carrier wave for 45 Khz
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>Hell, I love these questions--so many degrees of freedom, even after you've
>decoded what was meant rather than said, so I guess that adds another degree
>of freedom.
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