Re: GCC for ARM

Started by " Info" February 13, 2008
> Hi all,
> My question is to all those who use GCC. I wrote a code in C
> and compiled it for ARM using GCC and a ".o" was created.

It sounds like you have only compiled your source files, not linked them
into a single executable.

> But
> how do I specify where the address of registers specific to
> my microcontroller.
When linking you supply a linker script to describe the memory layout of
your device. You can also obtain header files for peripheral register

> How do I select between different ARM cores?

Using the compile switches, as per all compilers its just that some IDE's
hide this detail from you. Manuals, etc are available on
that will tell you all you need to know, but you are better off just copying
an example. Examples exist in the files section of this group, you can also
obtain numerous complete examples from the distribution, for
example: These will show you a
complete compile and link setup that you can then just modify to suit your
own setup.

> ".o" file be converted to INTEL HEX format?

For this you need objcopy - again lookup the manual or more simply, just
copy an existing example.

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