How increase the heap size ?

Started by Unknown February 13, 2008
Hello all,

This is my first message to this group. I am developing an application
using the LPC2366 device wich has 32K of RAM memory. I am using Keil
uVision3 (version V3.51), RealView compiler and RTOS.

I am designing an application with some classes and will use much
dynamic memory allocation. I am experiencing some data abort problems
and trying to understand this device memory architecture. I have tried
to increase the heap size defined in the Startup.s file. It worked some
time but now I cannot increase it more than 0x0000 1100. I get a data
abort exception before reaching the main() code if I try a higher heap

A heap size of 0x0000 1100 is only 4K of RAM and this device has 32K!

How can I increase the heap size ? Is it possible? Will I need to quit
using classes and back to C code?

Thanks a lot,
Andrbr />

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