Re: OT: Cortex-M3 groups and GCC

Started by Paul Curtis February 15, 2008

> I appeal to the group's wide ranging knowledge :)
> The Stellaris Cortex-M3 parts look quite interesting. In particular,
> the 28 pin variants, and the LM3S6965. Based on the Googling I've
> done (when did Google get verbified, anyway?), there are no GCC builds
> for the Cortex, unless you go with a vendor build. It looks like GCC
> 4.3 (tentative release date for mid-March) will support the Cortex-M3.
> Does anyone have experience with any of the GCCs, or have any
> additional information?

The CodeSourcery GCC builds have supported CM3 since it came out. And now
Cortex-M1. Debug differs from ARM7/9 so you'll need to investigate
appropriate tools there.

> Also, is there a Cortex group that's as smart as the people on the
> LPC2000 list?

Well, there's a Cortex-M3 Y! group, and I'm not sure how the people in it
dress. I don't dress smart, jeans and a T-shirt every days.

Only 62 members though... STM32 is causing a stir. NXP are on the CM3
bandwagon too.

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