not entering a interrupt service routine lpc2378

Started by kd7vn April 12, 2008
I'm using an olimex lpc-p2378 dev board.

I'm trying to use the timer0 to generate an interrupt. I have
confirmed that the timer0 portion of my code is working. I set up a
few defines in gdb to print out the contents of the registers below.
You can see once the TC reaches 5 the timer0 interrupt flag in T0IR
gets set.
(gdb) t0ir
0xe0004000: 0x00000000
(gdb) t0tc
0xe0004008: 0x00000005
(gdb) t0tc
0xe0004008: 0x00000000
(gdb) t0ir
0xe0004000: 0x00000001

One thing I'm not sure of is, in gdb if I try to set a break at my
timer_isr_irq function it sets a break point at address 0x218.
Howerver if I look at the VICVectAddr0 register it has the value
0x214. Is this a problem?

I'm not sure about my linker script either. Could someone point me to
somethign that will explain that script?

My complete source can be downloaded at
(sorry I didn't make a separate dir first so it will unzip into a
bunch of files).


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series