How to add my program to demo example in RTOS

Started by pradeep May 7, 2008
Hi Frnds
Thanks for the reply
i am uploading the file with name FreeRTOS_changeinde mo.rar
http://f1.grp. v1/QCkhSC5T- nbCca5EbkoXzCUHl lfB8RwFl_
4K9oiy-wGSpz3loj 8GWwp2bYAIKC1SOB ds-CbOOH_ IXGcCi9GgmW-
_mKzpVKZ51DlqKA/ FreeRTOS_ changeindemo. rar

In demo/lpc2129_ keil/ there is ARM demo project i have added my
software uart code to it
modifications to the demo from site are
1)i have removed serial.c and comtest.c, since code size is increasing
above 16k
2)changes in main.c , included virtualuart. h in main

about virutaluart. h
i am trying to use p0.8,p0.9 as pins for software uart (Tx and Rx pins)
if u run simulator u can easily get to know what i am doing

plz help me
Thanks in advance

> Hi frnds
> I am trying to change the demo program given in freeRTOS for
> ARM7_LPC2129_ Keil port
> I was able to compile it with the modifications
> while in simulation
> timer0 is generating interrupt
> but execution is not switching to ISR
> I think i have to modify startup.s
> can anybody suggest

Were you able to get the timer interrupt working in the simulator
before you
made the changes? What changes did you make?


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