Wiggler GDB need help setting breakpoints

Started by balazs_scherer September 15, 2004


I have fabricated a Wiggler (thanks to Leon's instructions). I have
some problems with it (I have newer used a wiggler before).

Using the OCD tools I managed to connect the gdb to my LPC2106 board.
With the GDB I able to start the program flow, step the program
(assembly steps only), watch register state etc.

The main problem is that I unable to set breakpoints. When I'm trying
to set a breakpoint gdb said: error writting breakpoint (the
breakpoint is in the flash memory region).

Wiggler/GDB is unable to set breakpoint in the flash memory area?

Is anybody managed to integrate the wiggler with the eclipse IDE?

Thanks Balazs

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series