LPC2468 SPI problem

Started by Tim Mitchell August 18, 2008
Having a strange problem with SPI on the LPC2468. There are 2 sets of
pins which can be used for the SPI, but we can only get one of the sets
to work.

If we configure the SPI to use the pins in PORT 0, (PINSEL0=0xC0000000
and PINSEL1=0x0000003C) then it works fine.

If we set PINSEL5 to configure SPI in PORT 2, (PINSEL5=0x00F03000)
nothing emerges from the pins (although the SPI seems to be working

The datasheet confusingly says that you should set PINSEL0-PINSEL4 but I
presume this is a typo for PINSEL5.

Can anybody suggest what we might be doing wrong?
Tim Mitchell

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series