Open Source webserver for LPC2367/78

Started by "Thomas Porter, PHD" September 11, 2008
Greetings, I'm relatively new to this group & I hope that this hasn't been
asked recently. We are in the process of characterizing IP stacks that
contain at least a webserver, DHCP, & an SMTP server that run on the
LPC2368/78 with the following characteristics:

1. Open source

2. Runs w/o an RTOS

3. Has already been ported to LPC2368/78 <- least important


All I'm aware of are uIP, & possibly lwIP. uIP is great & easy to get going,
but I'm concerned that it doesn't have much CGI-type of horsepower. lwIP
also has the 512 byte limitation on sent pages, & I'm not sure how much work
it will take to get it working on our platform(s).

Thanks, Tom

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