GNUEasyWeb example modified to compile on linux

Started by "Jorge S." September 19, 2008
Hi all,

I have modified several things, all of them uppercase/lowercase
problems to compile out-of-the-box under linux, since the example on
the files group only compiles
under linux.

I can upload or send it to anyone interested on it, just let me know.

PD: It doesn't work on my board
( Any ideas on where
to start looking? My board cd-rom came with some pre-compiled Keil
examples, one of them is Easyweb.

This pre-compiled example works fine on my board, and i did a diff
between and the EasyWeb that came with the board. I saw
some differences on the emac_init() function and i modified the files
on to match those hardware related changes, it's still
not working. Any idea?



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series