help --- debug in external flash ,using LPC2470

Started by hjiongh December 26, 2008
Hi, All

Now i met a big issue of debug in external flash in using LPC2470. I
linked nor flash to CS1. Because LPC2470 start from CS1. Now I wanted
to debug in external flash . But I can not load code to CS1. Although
I had changed CS0 to link nor flash (test whether CS0 was ok ,because
my Development Board using LPC2478 + CS0-nor flash , and it tested

Hope anyone debugged in external flash by using LPC2470+external nor
flash could help me . Thanks a lot .

In User Manual , it says:"CS1 is boot , CS0 is User Code" . LPC2478
should started from CS1,address 0x81000000. When I using debug mode, it
should can debug in CS1. But why I failed to load code to external CS1 ?

Thanks a lot for your help .

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