Re: [LPC2148] R/C Servo's and PWM/Timers

Started by December 29, 2008
I have bought Suppo 18A ESC which is AVR based ESC(Electronic speed controller). I would like to have a PWM signal generated by LPC2148(ARM based microcontroller). This PWM signal will be the input for the 18A ESC which will drive a BLDC motor.
I had a few questions:
Is it possible to drive the AVR based ESC and the motor with an external PWM signal from the LPC2148.
The PWM signal from the LPC2148 is a 3.3V signal. Will the AVR based ESC work with this signal or I need to have a 5V signal.
If the PWM signal should be 5V, do you know how to make the 3.3V signal amplified to 5V.
If the LPC2148 has 4 PWM generators can I link them to 4 ESC's to drive 4 motors.
Thank you and have a great day.

Hi All!
>I am a long time user of Atmels 8bit AVR range, but only recently have
>jumped into the wold of ARM, the LPC2xxx range specifically.
>I am having a little bit of trouble deciphering the NXP datasheet and
>understanding the match, capture and pwm functions.
>What I want to do is to capture 6 R/C Servo inputs (PPM) and then
>control 4 R/C servos (a 1ms to 2ms pulse every 20ms).
>If a "passthrough" flag is set the 4 outputs will be exactly the same
>as 4 of the inputs, if not they 4 outputs will reflect a value which
>is set to them.
>I am having trouble understanding firstly the hardware side and
>secondly the software side.
>My current setup is the 6 servo inputs all on a CAPx.x pin, and the 4
>outputs on a PWMx pin.
>Does this sound right? I am wondering if I should be just using GPIO's
>for the outputs.
>Does anyone have any examples of PWM capture and output similar to
>what I am trying to achieve, that I can look over and get a better
>understanding on how it works?
>I am using the WinARM GCC compiler if it helps.

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