Rowley library tutorial / cross polination?

Started by matterama3444 January 4, 2009
Hi all,

(Paul, I hope you're reading this :) )

I have been using CrossStudio for a little over a year, and love it.
For my stuff, it has worked great (2106, 2136, 2138 and 2368 variants
so far), so much so that when something doesn't work I know to
double / triple / quadruple check myself first to save an
embarrassing help request. Anyway...

I'm at the point where I have a specific board working well, but
would like to partition all of the working code as it stands now into
a library that is accessible from another Rowley project or (ideally)
a gcc / gnuarm generic compiler as a library or linked object file.

Ultimately, I'd like to provide the board and a code library, but
allow the end user to access functions via an API. They would be
responsible for the main.c file and the libray I have would provide
the functions needed for ultimate use.

I'm admittedly in a little over my head, but am hoping that there may
be some link / tutorial that gets me up the learning curve...Any


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series