Re: 2468 + MICREL PHY

Started by bhosale saee May 12, 2009
i was missing clock setting there. i am sorry.
but i am still confused with mac address. can anybody please tell me what is the mac address of lpc2468 on olimex board
thank you..

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Subject: 2468 + MICREL PHY

hello group,
i am working on olimex 2468 board. trying to configure phy chip on it.
i am using the code from code bundle for 23xx/24xx.
can someone please tell me, whts the phy address?
the code snippet :

regValue = ReadPHY( PHY_PHYIDR1 );


if ( (regValue & 0x00FF) != 0x0022 )
return ( FALSE );

regValue = ReadPHY( PHY_PHYIDR2 );


if ( (regValue & 0x1610) != 0x1610 )
return ( FALSE );

the code exits as phyid1 doesn't match.
reading the id registers, the chip is reseted i.e wait for reset bit.
but i bypassed this by giving a delay because the code was hanging
can someone please help??

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