question about USB on olimex lpc2148

Started by Jia Huang May 17, 2009
Hello all,

I am a student from Germany who is currently working on building a USB communication between PC and a olimex lpc 2148 broad. My idea is to make it a HID device(because I do not want to develop WIN driver), and transfer custom reports using interrupt endpoints. I found two USB stack from the web and both of them are not perfectly working. So I would be appreciate if some experts here could help me out.

The keil USB stack seems promising, both it does not work at all on my broad. Nothing happened at the PC when I plug in my device. I guess this is due to the differences between the circuit schematic of the Keil board and the olimex borad. Has anybody similar experience? How could I adapt the keil USB stack on the olimex board? Some code example would be perfect.

The LPCUSB stack works partially on my board. I can send and receive a report though the control endpoint. However, I still can't get the interrupt endpoint working. The Readfile function always failed due to time out, although I do configured the device to have in/out interrupt endpoints. Could anybody sent me a working HID example on olimex lpc2148?

Oh, by the way, I have GCC and keil compilers available in the lab.
Many thanks in advance and best regards,

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