Accessing external peripherals through LPC2292

Started by Unnati Shah May 27, 2009

I am using LPC2292 to interface with a graphic display.
The hardware interface is as follows:
LPC2292 Pin Display Pin
P2.0-P2.7 as D0-D7 D0-D7 data lines
P1.1 as OE \RD read enable
P3.27 as WE \WR write enable
P3.0 as GPIO \CS chip select
P0.29 as GPIO Command/Data line
Will this configuration work for the reading and writing onto the display?
If yes, then how do I access the display for reading and writing data?

Else what address should I map this peripheral so as to use the chip data
bus, OE and WE lines?

Is it necessary to map it on address 0x80000000 onwards?
If 0x80000000 onwards address is used then how do I generate the chip select
(by default CS0-CS3 only 4 chip selects are available for accessing external
Do I use one of these to select the display?

Please guide.

Best Regards,

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