Question about UCOS2 code running in Keil for ARM (LPC2103)

Started by kaijiun83 August 19, 2009
Hello everyone,

I am recently using Keil to program my code. Everything works fine when i use normal code(without RTOS), I can do debugging, seeing the simulator check and uncheck the GPIO.

Problem comes when I use UCOS2 code. Compiling is fine. But when i try to do debugging, it stuck at OS_ENTER_CRITICAL();, which is very first few line of my code. When i try to delete it , it stuck at other places related to ucos (osdelay(), OS Init() ), I am very curious what's going on but can't really tell....

Please advise me. Do i miss something important?

here is the screenshot
first one is the code running and second one is the performance logger.

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