OT: LPC2106 Adapter

Started by acetoel December 9, 2004

Hello... I made a little adapter for LPC210x (LQFP 48), in fact I
made a lot of adapters, and they are very useful for me. With this
adapters You just solder a LPC210x one time, and can exchange it
between different boards. Or You can change the MCU in a board, if
You think the MCU is broken down, without the need of desoldering
and soldering again... Also, you can place reset circuit, filter
cap, and join the VSS pins, under this adapter, so you don't wast
space in your board.
If anybody is interested in having one of these adapters, please
contact me at
Thanks very much
Ezequiel Aceto

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series