Problem with Startup.s file from Keil with GNU

Started by gustavo_sagasti December 13, 2004

I 'm using Keil with GNU Compiler, and when I try to create a new
App, I get this error when I build:

startup.o (.text+0x12c):/cygdrive/c/ARMApp/Startup.s:400: undefined
reference to '_start'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Target not created

The startup.s file was copied automatically by Keil from
C:\Keil\ARM\GNU\Startup\Philips\Startup.s and it is supposed it comes
with GNU.
When I replaced the startup.s file with one that comes in others
example, the program build fine.
Do I have to setup other(s) parameter(s) in order to have
the "original startup.s" working?


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