MCB2300 Issue with uart0

Started by November 3, 2009
Hi all,
i am facing one issue related to uart0 in keil MCB2300 board.i have loaded .hex file into LPC2388 in MCB2300 board.After loading,removed jumper int0 and rst(I am assuming these two are only for flashing.Is it correct???).My program ( printing characters on terminal)is not running.After power cycle also its not working.
After lot of testing i found that,
when powerup,UART0 of MCB2300 shouldn't connect to RS232 cable(For PC communication -- Hyper terminal).If Remove rs232 cable,then power up MCB2300 and then connect Rs232 cable means my printing chars on HT working.
My program is printing characters continuously in while loop.

I have also seen same issue also in another MCB board which contains LPC2129..

Is this expecting Behavior of KeilMCB board??We havn't seen this issue in our developing board???

My Uart0 Initialization:
REG_PINSEL0 |= 0x00000050;
REG_U0LCR |= 0x80;

REG_U0DLL =( PCLK_IN_HZ())/(16 * 9600);

REG_U0DLM = 0x00;

/* DLAB = 0, 8 bits, no Parity, 1 Stop bit */
REG_U0LCR = 0x03;
/* Enable and Reset RX,TX FIFO & trigger
level to 1 bytes
REG_U0FCR = 0x7;
/* For transmitting data,this should be set */
REG_U0TER = 0x80;
Do i need to do any other initialization????

I am assuming,
when power up, If rst and int0 jumper removed and Rs232 connected(uart cable connected between MCB and PC,
UART communication should work.This is expected behavior of MCB2300 board????

Please Share ur knowledge on this issues???

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