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Started by Pablo Bleyer Kocik December 15, 2004
At 15:23 15-12-2004, you wrote:

>Pablo has updated the gnuarm tools which are availble at

Hello people.

As Rick states, GCC has been updated to 3.4.3 at the GNUARM sites. We
have removed the old versions because 3.4.3 has proven to be very stable,
with many of the previous ARM/THUMB bugs and issues fixed. Please report
any problems you face.

I am very sorry that I have been unable to reply to most GNUARM related
inquiries in the last time. I have been uttermost busy with several
projects the last couple of months. Thanks to those with mountains of
patience that have coped with me.

Also, it is highly probable that I will be moving to the US soon to work
for a big company there in some very exciting projects. I hope I can
continue maintaining the GNUARM toolchain and answering all your email.

Keep up the fun. ;) Warmest regards. --
PabloBleyerKocik /"Computers are like Old Testament gods;
pbleyer2004 / lots of rules and no mercy." / -- Joseph Campbell

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> >Pablo has updated the gnuarm tools which are availble at

I've pretty much figured out it's not on the horizon, but has there ever
been any discussion about linker optimization of long and short calls,
or per-routine thumb/arm switches?

I seem to be 3 for 3 in ARM projects where one or the other of these
things would be convenient. Trying to cram 3rd party libraries into
tight spaces or trying to get programs loaded into chopped-up memory
maps. Just keeps coming up.. Maybe I'm just not living right..

James Dabbs, TGA.