FreeRTOS vs Olimex OCD

Started by Cal Ray January 4, 2010
I am developing on an Olimex LPC2378-STK-A board via an Olimex ARM-USB-OCD
using Eclipse IDE. The demo software from Olimex works fine over OpenOCD.
I can download, set breakpoints, etc.

My problem is that I am trying to build and download FreeRTOS over the same
connection but the Eclipse project from FreeRTOS gags on the Olimex OCD.
Transferring the FreeRTOS buld to the Olimex project looks like an awesome
task, to me but the same goes for trying to transfer the Olimex interface
procedures to the FreeRTOS project.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW, I an an experienced embedded software type but a relative newbie with
Eclipse, Olimex and FreeRTOS.

Cal R

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