Re: FreeRTOS with embeddedartists lpc2478 board

Started by Daniel P February 3, 2010
Hi Markus,
Were you able to find your code for LPC2478 RTOS?


From: Markus Krug
To: Daniel
Sent: Wed, January 27, 2010 12:32:26 AM
Subject: Re: FreeRTOS with embeddedartists lpc2478 board
Hi Daniel,
no problem. I will send you a ZIP file with my workspace. I use eclipse and the yargato tool-chain.
Best Regards

Von: "Daniel"
Gesendet: 26.01.10 06:00:57
An: "mkrug88"
Betreff: Re: FreeRTOS with embeddedartists lpc2478 board
Hi Markus,
I got the development board from olimex LPC2478, got the LCD and almost everything else working with WINARM, wanted to try freertos with it. are you willing to share any of your source code?

thanks in advance

--- In l..., "mkrug88" wr ote:
> Hi,
> I can answer the question now myself.
> It was the order of how to initialize the SDRAM and the LCD-controller. SDRAM has to be first. I had it in the opposite order.
> I have the board as version 1.0; 32Bit databus version. In the manual it is stated that no faster then 48MHz Fcclk is allowed if you want to use the SDRAM. I made the experience that you have to go down to 36MHz to get a really stable system. It is a little bit disappointing to run only on have the speed of the micro. EA claims that this issue has been fixed in the board version 1.1.
> Best Regards
> Markus
> --- In l..., "mkrug88" wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm playing around with the embeddedartits lpc2478 eval-board - the one that comes with a TFT display.
> > So far I can run, change, debug, etc the embeddedartist s examples that illustrate how to control the TFT display. I also was able to adopt the FreeRTOS lpc2468 port to get it running. However I am not able to display anything within an FreeRTOS application on the TFT display. I guess it is due to the different *.ld file and startup code. All other source code I included successful in the FreeRTOS application.
> > So my question. Is there anyone who has the same board and successfully running a FreeRTOS application that uses the TFT display ? If so it would be great if I can get an extraction of the source code that allows me to start from.
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Markus

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