power consumption

Started by janek_szymanski February 6, 2010

I am in a process of selecting a Cortex-M3 micro for a new project.
One of the criteria is lowest possible power consumption in run mode.
So far I was able to determine (based on manufacturers specifications) the following values for uC families:
EFM32 (Energy Micro) - 0.18mA/MHz
Stellaris (TI) - 0.56mA/MHz
STM32 (STMicroelectronics) - 0.625mA/MHz
SAM3S (Atmel) - future device - 1.15mA/MHz (???)
LPC1768 (NXP) - ???
I am not able to find the value of mA/MHz for LPC1768.
Can anyone point me to it or similar indicating power consumption for run mode for LPC1768.



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

Section 10 of the datasheet has mA as a function of CCLK:

You will have to add whatever each of the peripherals require. I didn't see those numbers but I didn't look very hard.

The mA/MHz numbers are while executing from flash:


I am trying to do something similar with an LPC2148. I have it using about 1.8 ma (incl voltage regulator) in sleep mode and around 20ma active at 12mhz. At 60 mhz it uses around 60ma. I this is not bad for my application. I may be able to do a bit better, but as yet I have not been able to get the uart working at the lower clock frequency to help debug the code.