Orcad Schematic Library for the LPC2100

Started by Asif Khan February 10, 2010
I am looking for an Orcad Schematic Library for the LPC21000 series MCU.
Can anyone help me???
Asif Khan
Manufacturing Engineering
Bio-Rad Laboratories

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

If you were looking for the Schematic Model for KiCad I could share mine
with you. :-)

KiCad is a public-domain schematic+pcb package, very different from OrCad in
the way it works, but is quite capable and produces good results. I've done
a couple of complex boards with it. And it's legally free!

Check it out... it's available on sourceforge.

And, BTW, I used to use the LPC2100 family, but the NXP ARM Cortex family
LPC17xx has significant advantages, yet it's cheaper. It is a drop-in
replacement in terms of hardware. In terms of firmware, some
initializations may be different. I still haven't reached that point, so I
can't say anything authoritatively.

Choices... the bane of our existence!

Hi Ahmad,

I'm interested in KiCad LPC2000 schematic model. Can you share it? Maybe you
could put it to files section, or simply PM me?