Philips has no plans to discontinue XA architecture

Started by philips_apps December 29, 2004


in a recent posting there was the assumption that Philips plans to
discontinue the XA architecture in favor of the ARM microcontrollers.
It is not planned to discontinue the existing XA devices! Philips does
not offer ARM microcontrollers in 5V operating range but all of the XA
micros can operate there. There are many customers out there using the
XA and there is no reason to switch to ARM if no need for lower power
or higher performance is there.

It is correct however, that the focus of Philips microcontrollers is
on the LPC series in 8-bit and 16/32-bit. There is no plan for new XA
devices and for customers who need to upgrade either from 8-bit or
from an existing XA design, the recommendation is to use LPC2000 ARM

Hope this clarifies issues.


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series