Re: IAR with Olimex JTAG Devices

Started by July 28, 2010
Hi Sark,

The original post is quite old but if you're still around...Im attempting to use IAR with Olimex debugger. Can you please send me the information needed for setting up GDB?


I wanted to try IARs compiler to compare the output, and also because
>many examples I've found on the web are written for IAR (notably
>Olimex). Unfortunately, I'm not all that eager to purchased ANOTHER
>JTAG device when I already own an ARM-USB-OCD and an ARM-USB-TINY.
>I was on Olimex's website that you can apparently use the GDB Server
>option in IAR to make their debuggers work with IAR, but I'm not really
>sure how this is possible. Presumably, I need to install something
>like OpenOCD? Does anyone have any advice/experience getting the
>Olimex debuggers to play well with IAR? I couldn't find much via
>Google, though maybe it's just a problem of terms (IAR OpenOCD Olimex,

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