Trace Help Needed / Ulink Pro

Started by citykid_x December 29, 2010
I'm having difficulty with uVision's real-time trace function and also the Instruction Trace window. I have sent tech support requests to Keil with no soultion from them.

First: Does anyone know how to enable the "streaming trace" function when using a Ulink Pro? All of my trace records end after approximately 1 million instructions, (this is a behavior described for Ulink2). Using Ulink Pro there is supposed to be a feature where the trace data is sent to the PC in realtime, providing virtually unlimited trace time.

I have yet to discover how to make this feature work. Even Keil has not replied back with a solution. I have tried numerous options in the Debug / Trace configuration settings with no success. My instruction traces are always limited to approx 1 million instructions (a mere 17ms worth of data @ 96Mhz). Cannot figure out how to have the data stream to the PC.

Second: Once instruction trace data is captured and appears in the Instruction Trace window, how do you search though it??? I can't find an option to Search, Save, Print, Export or any similar function. I have to page though the data by hand. (currently over 1 million lines of data!)

Any help with these 2 issues would be tremendously appreciated!

I am using:
Ulink Pro
uVision 4.13a
Cortex-M3 cpu (NXP LPC1768)

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series