Issue with LPC2478 and EXternal NOR flash

Started by mythili chandrasekaran December 31, 2010

I am working on the setting up the external flash for LPC2478.
Currently I am facing the issue with executing the code from External NOR flash.

The size of the internal flash in LPC2478 is 512K. Since the application requires more memory than 512K, it has been decided to use the external NOR flash.
I have set the MEMMAP to 3 in the cstartup.s file so that the bootloader remaps the vector table to external memory. Also i have set the External Memory Controller related register settings in the cstartup.s file.
Currently I have built a code with the ROM START ADDRESS as 0x80000000 which corresponds to CS0 to which the NOR flash is connected.
I have programmed the external flash chip using the Segger J-Flash tool.

But after flashing the chip and performing a reset, I am not able to execute the code from the external NOR flash. Since the program can only be downloaded using the J-flash tool I am not able to debug the code further.

What does the address mirror bit in the EMC Control Register does? Does it have any influence on this behavior?
Is there any application note which describes clearly the sequnce for setting up the external flash on LPC2478?
Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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