Olimex-OCD-USB problems in Crossworks

Started by hakim sellaoui January 8, 2012
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From: "hakim sellaoui"
Date: 8 Jan 2012 16:04
Subject: Olimex-OCD-USB problems in Crossworks

Hi I'm trying to get an Olimex-OCD-USB JTAG connector to work with a
I've installed all the drivers etc.. But when I try to connect in
crossworks I get this error message
"Cannot identify target, please check JTAG connections and target power".
The power to the
board seems fine.

I've read other posts about clock divider may need to be increased, and
some other settings like

nSRST Inversion Mask 0x0200
nSRST Mask = 0x0200
nTRST Inversion Mask = 0x0000
nTRST Mask - 0x0400
Output Pins = 0x0F1B
Output Value = 0x0408
PID: 0x002B
VID: 0x15BA

need to be changed, but I can't find where to change these and give that a

If there is a solution known about this can you point in the direction of
them, thanks.
Regards Hakim

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