Need to learn CAN protocol using lpc 2129 and lpc 2378

Started by "Jayant K.p" July 17, 2012
Hello frnds,

I'm interested to learn CAN protocol using lpc 2129 and lpc 2378.i was able to find the format of can protocol of how data is transmitted but not how to program.and there also no application wise projects and can anyone help me to learn can protocol.thank you

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

There are many resources on the net for CANBUS. There is nothing particularly difficult about programing the CAN controllers, (2378 - needs their power turning on in PCONP), except the Global Acceptance Filter. I would stay well away from the GAF at first - leave it off and see if you can get two controllers to echo messages. Both 2129 and 2378 controllers work OK once set up, generate interrupts etc.

The GAF is a bit of a nightmare. It is awkward to setup all the ranges and range-limit registers. That, and there are no bitmasks/wildcards on the filter, only start address and length - that alone can defeat protocols that use ranges of address bits to address different node classes and/or channels within nodes. That, and the user manual says controller ID's start at 1 whereas they actually start at 0, - I ranted about that recently on this group:)

No, I cannot provide any code, (it's C++, sucks in too many other modules, uses the OS and it's not mine to post). There are some examples on NXP and elsewhere - work through one!