lpc2148 eCos

Started by capablazabcl September 3, 2012
Dear friends

The fast few days Ive been trying to make eCos work on the Olimex LPCH2148, with no luck.

eCos comes with ports for the lpc2106 and lpc2294, which are a different.
The only information Ive found is

The website mentions a patch made by Pawel Wodnicki (

but that patch was made in 2005, so now eCos is different and the patch doesnt work anymore.
Has anyone made eCos work on the LPC2148 with eCos 3.0?

I have compiled the code, but the executable files doesn't work on the MCU, so I suspect the linker script or the startup assembly code (which I dont know where to find) are perhaps the trouble.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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