NXP LPC Cortex-M0/3/4 serial number and part number

Started by "M. Manca" March 22, 2014
Hi to everyone,

in the past 2 days I read several emails, too much in my opinion,
revealing that too much engineers and students don't know so much about
specific functions provided by Cortex-M microcontrollers with more care
about those made by NXP.

All NXP Cortex-M families of microcontrollers (with the exception of
some MCU that have no flash memory inside) provide a data to distinguish
the cpu model and version, generally called CPUID, that is located at
specific address in memory and an unique serial number, written during
manufacturing, generally called UID.

UID means Unique Identification number. It is a 128 bit wide unique
number that may be used to identify the single microcontroller and/or
the board where is mounted. Take care to read all the number or it will
not be unique.
To read UID programmatically is necessary to use an apposite IAP
command. It is also possible to access its content using ISP commands
and a JTAG device normally used to program the application in the
internal flash.

Remember that NXP, as the great part of silicon manufacturers, doesn't
document so much (or only partially) the common details of the Cortex-M
cpus in the data-sheets and in the user's manual.

So I encourage everyone to invest more time to read the user's manuals
or at least the data-sheets because the UID is listed in the first pages
of data-sheets and user's manuals.

In LPC111x UM10398 user's manual it is listed in page 4 and in the
LPC1114 datasheet in the 2nd page!!!

*This means that engineers and/or students that posted the question...
didn't read not even the first pages that are the general introduction!!!*
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