[ANN:] ICCV7 for ARM BETA3 and pre-release Order Special

Started by Richard February 22, 2005
ICCV7 for ARM Beta 3 is now on our web site's demo page. We now have full
Application Builder support for all current Philips LPC2K and Atmel
(including the new SAM7) devices.

We are running a 10% off special until March 15, 2005. We expect to ship
the final version the first week of March. We are working on the ADV
version (Thumb support) and PRO (global optimizer) version and we will
release them when they are done.

The demo is fully functional for 45 days, then it becomes code size limited
to 10K bytes for non commercial use afterward. We will announce our low
cost Flash downloader / PAR JTAG solution within the next month as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. To maximize the
good wills that the good moderator allowing me to make this post, I
probably won't post further announcements until the next major milestones
such as when the Thumb or global optimizer is available. We do run on own
mailing lists so you are welcome to join those.

Thank You.

// richard <>

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