lpc22xx external bus timing

Started by xlpeng March 5, 2005


Don't understand why the required memory access time is much shorter
than it can be from the external bus sequences figures.

For example, in LPC2292/LC2294 User manual, for the external memory
read access, if XCLK is 50MHz and WST1=0 (1 wait state). If we use
philips' formula, Tram <= Tcyc*(2 + WST1)-20ns, the result is 20ns,
which means a 20ns access time memory is require for the 50MHz XCLK
operation. But when looking at the read access timing diagram, with
WST1=0, 3 XCLK clocks are used to finish one read access. That's a
total of 60ns. A 60ns memory is enough for this situation, why
philips requires a 20ns device?



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series