Just uploaded open source lpc21isp to my website

Started by Unknown January 25, 2004

i just published my first version of the portable command-line ISP tool for
LPC2104 / LPC2105 / LPC2106.
It compiles and runs under Windows (VC6, VC7), Cygwin (gcc) and compiles
under Linux (also with gcc). Because of lack of an computer with Linux i
can't try it out under Linux...

You can upload binary and intel-hexfiles, start automatically a terminal
program after programming the flash (but only if you want).

You can find it (C source and binaries) under

Plans (but not available yet):
- Automatically control RESET - Line and BOOT - Line to automatically
download new firmware. Needs additional hardware (two RS232 receivers, two



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series