Started by djflaechenbrand April 10, 2005

I use an olimex evaboard (LPC2106) and the gcc (Winarm).
I would like to use the I2C interface but it won't work.
ARM should be the master. I have 10K pullups.
first i tried to code it on my own with the datasheet.
then i found the "I2C.ZIP" and the other i2c related files.
same problem:

init pinsel,
init speed,
clear I2CONCLR,
(the sda line goes low as it should)
thats it.
I2CONSET&0x08 stays zero (no si)
I2STAT stays 0xF8 (no 0x08)

can anybody help?

while(I2C_I2STAT!=0x08); //Set and wait the start

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series