LPC2119 GPIO 5V tolerance

Started by Gerhard Uttenthaler April 21, 2005

we have build a system with the LPC2119, where we connect a 5V Signal to a

Now when the system starts, the 5V is present a little bit earlier than the
Could this be a problem for the device, because in the Limiting Values for
this device the 5V tolerance is only specified when the 3.3V is present.

Another question is about unused and therefor open GPIO pins. I could not
find any information, if the GPIO have internal pullups and assume they have
none. Should this unused pins be set to outputs and be driven to i.e. high

One more is for the Philips engineers, watching this list. It would be
_very_ nice, if at least the CAN controller equipped devices could be
specified to run at 64MHz. Baudrate calculation often needs something, which
is a multiple of 16MHz.

Thanks for any information!


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