Embest Info&Tech Inc. announces LPCEB2000-I Evaluation Board

Started by embest1sale1 April 28, 2005
Embest Info&Tech Inc. announces LPCEB2000-I Evaluation Board

April 1st, 2005 Embest Info&Tech Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of
its new embedded development tools: LPCEB2000-I, a full-function ARM
Evaluation Board. The LPCEB2000-I uses the new Philips LPC2000
series ARM power Mocrocontroller. Most LPC2000 series CPU integrate
128K/256K FLASH in chip and 16K SRAM, this makes the system design
simpler and improves the performance and the reliability. Usually
inside LPC2000 series CPU there are such external part interfaces
such as RTC, UART, hardware I2C, SPI, PWM, ADC, TIMER, CAN, these
enhanced its functions greatly. With the LPC2000-I evaluation board, it is applicable for users to
realize code debugging, evaluation, DEMO development for CPU of
LPC2000 series. The Embest LPC2000-I evaluation board combines
mainboard and CPU daughter board, users can realize code debugging
DEMO development for CPU of LPC2000 series respectively by replacing
different CPU daughter boards, without any other jumper. It is very
simple, flexible and easy. The Embest LPC2000-I evaluation board
offers two serial interfaces, one CAN, two-channel AD sampling
input, two-channel PWM output, the I2C bus, analog signal output(via
external speaker), and a 20PIN standard JTAG interface.

An education version of the Embest IDE for ARM is provided with the
LPCEB2000-I. It allows engineers to create ARM programs that may be
run on the evaluation board. Extensive program examples introduce
ARM7 family programming and are provided ready-to-run on the
LPCEB2000-I. For programming and debugging, the Embest tools support
Flash programming and software debugging via the JTAG interface and
the Embest JTAG Emulator(available separately).

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series