Started by rockraj_2003 May 6, 2005
Hello Friends,

I am working in lpc2106.
I didn't using any Watchdog timer.
I want to know that does the watchdog timer will automatically
restart ARM when it is structed in data abort mode.

I also want to know how to use Watchdog Timer in IAR.
I also want to know how the interrupt is setting in IAR Embedded
Workbench.I tried but it is not setting at any time.What could be the
problem.Can any one give me some example prog.Already there is
example program but the way it's written is quite complex.In Keil
it's so easy to set interrupts.But in IAR how to set the interrupts.

knidly clarify my doubts.
with regards,

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series