New to ARM - Question on GNU Tool Chain and Keil ULINK JTAG

Started by John Moore May 6, 2005
I am new to ARM development with plans to use the Philips parts.

I have several questions:

1) What is the best source on how to get a GNU tool chain up and
running on Windows XP?

2) Will that tool chain work with the Keil ULINK JTAG device, or are
there other JTAG devices that might be more appropriate?

3) Does the GNU tool chain mess up my existing cygwin installation?
cygwin only allows one version to run at a time (they claim to only
allow one on a machine, but there are ways around that). Does it make
sense to compile the tool chain under my version of cygwin?

4) This list looks like a good resource for ARM development. What
others should I look at? Where are FAQ's?

5) What is the best reference for the instruction set, in case I need
to drop into assembler?

Thanks in advance.

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

Welcome John,

I can only answer a few of your questions.

For the GNU tool chain, I would recommend That site,
under the page "Resources" lists a few other Yahoo groups, among which
"" which is the support group for
the GNU ARM toolchain itself. I have no experience with Cygwin (I
develop for ARM under Linux). For assembler, is probably good
guide (I have read parts of it, but I have not really done much
assembly programming in ARM yet).

Kind regards,
Thiadmer Riemersma