Re: RS485 with UART1 RTS pin on LPC2138

Started by sengoontoh June 7, 2005
How would you implement an interrupt based 485 handler then? I guess I
could look for the byte that I transmitted. Hopefully the FIFO won't
complicate issues. --- In lpc2000@lpc2..., "Karl Olsen" <kro@p...> wrote:
> --- In lpc2000@lpc2..., "gvnn77" <paynet@l...> wrote:
> > I'm searching for implementing RS485 using UART1 and controlling TX
> > enable with RTS pin. Is it possible to use UART hardware module to
> > control pin RTS during transmission without have to set/clear a
> > GPIO pin connected to /RE or DE every time I start transmission or
> > and transmission???
> No. There is no advantage of using the UART1 RTS pin rather than a
> GPIO pin. And you cannot even make the UART generate an interrupt
> when the last stop bit has been sent and it is time to turn off the
> transmitter.
> Karl Olsen

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