Free Virtual Lab eval board from Philips

Started by philips_marketing_usa June 21, 2005
Philips is offering a 'virtual evaluation board' for three months as
pilot program with TechOnLine (TOL). Philips has chosen the Keil
MCB2100 Evaluation Board with the LPC2129 device. The eval site has
look and feel of a PC screen, with buttons to launch various
development windows, including the IDE (Independent Development
Environment) from Keil and IAR (your choice) that incorporate fully
licensed C compilers for Philips LPC2000 ARM7 MCUs.The advantage to
online board is that access to the software and hardware is provided
over the internet--allowing 24/7 access, with no cables to connect
no software to install and no charge to the user! To check out the online eval board visit

In addition, TOL is sponsoring a Design Challenge to help increase
awareness of the tool. For more details on the Design Challenge visit

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series