Problem in running the code

Started by lokesh_17 July 18, 2005

I am using LPC2124 and WinARM compiler/linker for the same. I
herewith facing a problem see if anybody can help resolving the

I wrote a very simple program to switch on and off the led which is
connected to LPC2124's port pin with pull-up. My compiling message
does not gave any error. I uploaded the hex code to LPC2124 using
the philips standard ISP tool ( which i got it from philips site).
In the ISP exe, i tried the RUN from address &00000000, it is
running but changing the jumper options to run mode and resetting
the hardware fails to run the same. When i went through the doc. i
got the clue that addr. &00000014 location should contain the
checksum value in 2's complement, otherwise the program switchs to
boot loader mode even though it is in run mode. I am using the
makefile which is available in the samples of winARM directory.

Please do the give needful info.



An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series