Did anybody have some reset problems on LPC2xxx before??

Started by unity0724 July 28, 2005
Anybody having some LPC2xxx reset problems and got that solved before?

I'm having some LPC2124 reset problems:
- Date code 0403AY (Quite new chips, not the very old reset problems)
- Will not get reset properly, may be ~ 3-4 out of 100 times failed.
- If it is running, it is very stable.
- I'm on 2-layer PCB eith good de-coupling capacitors for both
1.8V and 3.3V. 18.432Mhz external OSC.
- Tried with adding MCP100-2.7DI as reset chip but still do not
get problem fixed.

If you have similar problem and solved it before, pls provide
me with some pointers/hints.

Thanks and Best Regards /MH

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