Flash programming options

Started by Eric Engler August 21, 2005
I'm new to the Arm platform, but not to embedded devices in general. I
am trying to come up with a set of linux tools for use on a PC to
target lpc2138 chips.

I think the $20 Wiggler is a very attractive debugging interface due
to its low cost and the fact that it doesn't use USB (USB support in
linux is pretty thin), but I'm having trouble finding linux-compatible
drivers for Wigglers.

Also, I understand there are problems trying to program flash on the
new lpc21xx chips using wigglers (even under Windows).

Does anyone use linux on a PC platform for development to target chips
like the lpc2138? Do you have to resort to the serial programming
technique every time you want to download a program?


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series