Re: New poll for lpc2000

Started by Karl Olsen September 28, 2005
--- In lpc2000@lpc2..., lpc2000@lpc2... wrote:
> Rules:
> need to take off one pin from each side of the LQFP48.
> JTAG pins, Vdd, Vss and UART0 pins are not an option. Try
> to keep as much as possible functionality. Using these
> rules please select 4 pins. Data Sheet can be found here:
> 2101_2102_2103.pdf
> Chapter 5 (Page 4) has the pinout information

I\'d say that removing pin 44 (P0.14) is no option either. With this
pin floating at reset, you don\'t know whether the chip enters the
bootloader or not. Or is the serial bootloader now entered in some
other way?

Karl Olsen

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series